Sunday, December 03, 2006

Life's BUZZing at CLIMAX

This was one rockin' weekend...!!
My fiance - Supriya - Sups was in town.

That called for a royal celebration.
So the 3 of us - Tina, Sups and Me headed out on Sturday nite... to paint the town red...

We rocked at BUZZ and CLIMAX...till the wee wee hours....!!!
hmm... it's getting warm in here
..with my sis - Tina
Look at 'em go!!


Mallik said...

Bahut time mil raha hai aaj kal tujhe...

Jo said...

Where's the pic?

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog by fluke...u guys are really amazing. Didn't know NIIT delhi was so cool. I mean u guys are cool and crazy. Can spot some friends in ur pics. Trust me buddy NIIT Bombay sucks, and I am not very fond of this word. That place is dead, boring, dull and has a completely useless management. Was an employee there till sometime back :)
Neways, all the best! and keep posting.