Friday, August 31, 2007

off to Kochi

Well it was all kind of sudden. We'd been hoping we could make it for Bantus wedding. Somehiw the pieces weren't fitting in and so we were consigned to a weekend in delhi.

One phone call changed everything... Dad requested.... Supriyas boss were booked... And here we are... In a boeing 737-800 on the tarmac at Bangalore waiting for passengers to fill up.

The gentry travelling from del to bangalore was very very different from the gang boarding it now. Phew!!!

More later...

The Kuruvila family!! We're staying with the for the duration!
Interestingly - Sanjana and I are from the same batch from Symbiosis - SCMHRD & SIIB respectively... we have common friends but we never knew each other then!!

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