Friday, October 19, 2007

Kolkata Chronicles - Day 1

18th October

It wasn't easy getting to Kolkata. I didn't sleep all we wouldn't miss the flight!
We did reach the airport and made the flight - but it was a touch 'n' go affair!
A smooth flight later - we touched base at home in Kolkata at 0730 hrs!

Time for ma to do a lil welcome home puja for the kidz!

Spent the ifrst few hours recuperating - before we decided to do some pandal visits.
The rain gods decided otherwise.. and sent us a started pouring cats'n'dogs!
We got home and it was time for Sups to help Ma with the Puja preparation!
The panditji arrives and starts strutting his stuff!!
The kidzzzz arrive - well, not all of them are kids!
it's not my fault!!! Kaki and Pishi - having a few words!!
cosyying up!!
Family power snack in progress
This was followed up by a visit to CITY CENTRE - the neighborhood mall and then some pandal hopping!!
Point of note - there were hhour long queues to enter the hogwarts wife walks right in.. as if she owns the place.... and nobody stops us!!
We just followed in the wake!! That was fun!

I got to eat candy floss after ages - i still love it - though it is difficult to clean the lil - lil bits that tend to stick to my developing beard!
The Hogwarts Pandal was nice.. from the outside - quite garish from the inside!!

The kids finally got home by nine.. and it was time for everyone to leave....since most distances in Kolkata are measured in hours... at least at Puja time!!
So we all gang up near papa for one last pic....!!
Then it was time for my prawn dinner...... and no - I was not in the sharing mood.... i'd been looking forward to it since July ....and it wsa worth the wait.. one recipe that I definitely have to master!!

No pics here... cos' i was too busy eating!!


Aditya said...

Havin fun... niiiiiiiice :)

say hi to all on my behalf

^*^Clouds^*^ said...

Had a great time with you and didz..
Hope you guys had more time!
Btw,thanks for not putting up the ganda-ganda pics :)


good to see you guys relaxed