Sunday, September 14, 2008

Charlies Angels come together

The only missing answer.. who's Charlie???
Suuuu....Pallll.. Kass......!!!
Pallavi gets to Cut her cake..
Feed it to the husband!!!
.. and eat some herself
Chilled out the cameraman also gets a pose in!!
Hard Working girls... breakfast time!!

The Gossip Video!


Anonymous said...

A movie to catch up the old friends in mood!Cheers to Arjun! Hip hip hurray! Pallavi

Kasturi said...

had a 'fun'tastic time. Needless to say ... everybody will agree --i am the least gossiper amongst them.. even arya scored above me. ha ha ha. cheers to all of us. :)

SMM said...

Charlie's angels rocked :)

Anonymous said...

ooooommmmm,do u like thai foods?

Arjun said...

yes I do...