Thursday, April 09, 2009

SIgnal your Status!!

Date : 4th April
Venue: Bansal Palace, Jangpura, New Delhi
HOST: Rachita
REASON: coming out party for the beau!
That's Rachita and Sudhanshu.... (shoe-damn-shoe as Sups puts it)
The View from her place... It's right across some railway tracks that I have edited out for reasons!!
Rachita and her Interns (from Kolkata). 

My Wife... also from KOLKATA
Sudhanshu asks for the ALMS of LOVE!!
2 Supriyas...1 TOOK-E (like WALL-E) and 2 lucky guys!!
The party's theme was that off the traffic signal.
RED - If you're taken
GREEN - if available
YELLOW - fence sitter

I almost wore green till Supriya put her foot down.
The hostess incidentally wore green while the object of her desire was in RED!!
The only red she had was on the feet..... now I wonder why...?????

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Lovely family Gods bless you all

Anoop said...

Nice pics