Friday, September 07, 2007

Bye Bye Avi!!

the last mile!!
snakes in the monkeys shadow......
ayyyy ganpatttt - chal darooo la!
smilin pretty!!
So Avi (the bald fella) is off to Scotland to do his MBA.......
thought we'd celebrate and wish him bon voyage!! our regular adda!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bantu weds Sumi - Part 2

With dad! I'm holding on for dear life... to my mundu.... hoping it stays on and doesn't do a Janet jackson on me!
The wedding luncheon!
Family of 4 - after the lunch
NDA coursemates gather together!
With Sumis friends from Delhi.
(L-R) Trina,Sid,Sups,Bantu,Sumi,Arjun,Varun & Sanjana

Bantu weds Sumi

I really couldn't think up anything more apt as a title for this post.
After all - it is about their wedding and the fun we had there.

The setting was enormous - with a stage, flowers, lighting - basically the WORKS!!
It was as traditional as Kerala weddings come...

Wishing them a life filled with happiness and success in the years ahead

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kochi Nites

We reached Kochi & the party started!
There's not been a dull moment, excepting the hour long drive. That too, was full of the scenic beaty that abounds here.
The lunch was fantastic - no pics though - cos we were busy catching up.
Then we went shopping for my traditional clothes and SUpriyas shoes!
Get together at Bantus(aka Lalith)place - a nite before the wedding!
Rocking Couple!!
The evergreen couple - Mom & Dad
Pretty ladies - Sanjana, Rosemary aunty and Sups