Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Party

This party was overdue. It's been in the offing for a while now.
It wasn't easy getting everyone there - but 28th Januray seemed a good day to put on the party cap.

The Venue : My place

The Time : 8PM to 4:42AM

Tina & Surabhi - chilling out as Surabhi plays around with the Ipod.

(L-R) Renu, Parul, Allen, Sunny & Surabhi

Deep Discussions - Dad & Gautam / Vishal & Karan
Chetan, Gunjan & Tina - 3's company
Mom - giving company to Renu & Parul
SIze does matter!!!
Giving Gyaan - sharing & caring!!
Gautam & Me.
Let's dance to the FINGER
Yes - Men can dance!!!
Tina can dance too...

Monday, January 23, 2006

John W - does it again !!

21st january - almost 3 decades ago - a baby wailed.
... so they called him John W.

This year - 21st January - he commemorated that wailing with us.

Where's my cake??

You want me to cut with this puny knife..???

Now that's more my style

Happy Birthday Johnny Boy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Family Wedding

Weekend Action for the 14th & 15th Jan'06

This time around - it's a family wedding. The most eligible young lady in the family ties the knot. My cousin Pooja wed Gaurav.

It was a simple yet - extremely sophisticated affair, which was quite well arranged - considering the fact that the entire family is resident abroad - in the Carribbean - to be precise.

So here we go....

The Lucky twosome!!

Tina engaging in some rituals with the bride.. she was tying those lil things on her hand. I really can't remember what we call'em

Mom-Dad-Tina on the way to the wedding!!

All Smiles - (L-R) Anila Bua (my dad's sis), Jatin bhai, Shivy bhabhi & Me

Anila bua, Aanchal & Nitin bhai

The Family Mahajan
(L-R) Tina, Anila Bua, Shivy, Grandma,Mom, Grandpa, Dad & Lalit fufaji.
Jatin bhai & me are missing from this snap

Monday, January 09, 2006

Finding Mumtaz (Part 2) - at the Taj

Waah Taj!!!
Reflections of greatness...
The Band 0f 3
The trio again!!

Lone Ranger!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

In search of Mumtaz (Part 1)

She inspired thousands to create the ultimate tribute to woman.
Her inspiration started after bearing the man - 14 children in a span of 18 years.
It took 22 years to complete and is over 243ft tall.
It is a masterpiece of symmetry & style - except where the man lies - in peace - next to his wife.
So we decided to go in search of Mumtaz!!!

Part 1 - On the road - Delhi to Agra
Vishal , Tina & me undertook this quest.
For the uninitiated - Tina is my sister and Vishal is one of my buddies from kindergarden!!

That's Vishal & Tina

Oh - that's Vishal & yours truly!!

The road was calm, the travelling smooth, the air chilly as we left Delhi. Our first stop - the Gas station. Second Stop - highway dhaba for a heavy brunch. We covered the 200kms + distance in about 5 hours to land at the eastern gate of the Taj at 3 PM...

The last 2 kms we, covered by rickshaw!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In Esteemed Company - HBS 2K6

The first big party of 2006.

Funny - it couldn't wait till the Saturday - so Wednesday was it.

The venue(s) - Multiple - Dublin at the Maurya -> Laid Back Waters at Qutub - Climax till AM
The crowd - 100 students of the Harvard Biz school batch of 2K6 and us (Tina & Me)
How we got there - My buddy Vishal is part of that esteemed group. Their group is on a India Visit and last nite was when they did Delhi

Those guys'n'gals really know their party moves and light up a place as they hit it.
Quite a mixed bag of tricks - Americans , Chinese, Indians , ABCDs you name it - they were all there!!
Dublin was the warm-up area and after they saw themselves on CNBC giving views and getting some from our FM - they were charged.
Laid back waters was a lounge that they seemed to really dig before the finale at Climax. The clubs didn't disappoint our visitors and they headed home quite pooped ready for the next step of their pilgrimage- agra - jaipur etc.

The Indian guys amongst them (a few) were on their WIFING missions - nope this is not the computer connectivity - more like the ethereal types (Man-woman thing) !!!
Dunno if any of 'em got lucky :-)

I do believe this year is going to rock!!