Sunday, April 30, 2006

Saturday nite at Decibel

This was fun...
Lotsa youngsters around - more oriental than Indian actually.
Then there were the 6 of us...Sunny, me, Surabhi,Shamit, Niharika & Gaurav!!

Great Thai dinner folowed by lotsa of visible thighs... interesting, ahem!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mountain Tales - The final chapter

The final sitting… the only pic of all of us together
(L-R) Avantika, Rashmi, Prachi, Asha, Arjun & Narendra
The Fun Train.. Never stops anywhere!!!
Amazing toffees & chocolates from Elloras, in Dehradun
Sahasradhara, 15kms from Dehradun.
A mighty confluence, leading to a single river.
A birds’ eye view.
We really like it in here.
Come join us!!!
The road less traveled.
Clementown – the MOMO destination in Dehradun
Apparently it’s one buck per momo. We really didn’t have the time to verify this one.
OK - that's it no more pics....Give it to me now.......the camera !!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mountain Tales Part 2

A warm saturday dawns...
Lazy eyes open up and - well - do I have to move out of bed???

At least these three are fresh'n'raring to go......
Ahaa – someone likes flowers – wait till the bees get a hint of this!!!
The apple orchards of Dhanaulti – 25kms from Mussoorie
The Triad rulzzzz!!!
Busy bee..droning away on the phone.. in touch with nature...
Awesome 4some..swingin away!!!
Kempty Falls….15kms from Mussoorie
The water temperature leaves you numb. I thought I was goin into shock.
Time to dry out – we’re still shivering!!!

Dinner time is here – nocturnal awakening!!!
Actually time to sleep... that's when we had the Halloween nite party!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mountain Tales - Part 1

(Actually that's Day 1)
We spent this last Easter weekend at Mussoorie, a not so quiet lil hillstation in Northern India. This is 6000 ft in the mountains and - trust me - it's breathtaking!!

Getting started – Asha putting up her feet the weekend ahead.
Prachi being as accomodating as possible.
Yes – I had a fever in the morning
Now I’m on vacation… & that works like a tonic
Overloaded Narendra
Settling down – we refuse to work like this.
Even the PM can’t get them out of bed.
Uphill to Gun Hill
3 Musketeers & the photographer (of course you can’t see me)
An interesting pose...
But why are they off the road??
On the way up… Rashmi takes a breather!!
At the top...but not going over it - as yet!!!
I though Gunhill was uphill!!!
Nothing beats, being given directions in the RIGHT direction

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oyster Weekend

Water is the best coolant - even better than Beer actually.
Nothing beats a full day in the cool zone to beat the summer heat.

So – it was this gang of five who showed up as decided. Asha, Ranit, Rashmi, Ankur and yours truly. The rest wished they were there – since the electricity went out at their homes as soon as we got into the pool.

(L-R) Ranit, Rashmi, Asha & Ankur
Oh – before I forget – the venue was the Oysters water park at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This may not be the WATER KINGDOM that Mumbaikars are used to – but it’ll do for now. We landed up a full 30 minutes before the place opened up – so enthusiastic we were. We were also the first ones into the park.
Ankur choosing his color & size.

Time for the girls to pick’n’choose too.
R for Rashmi and R for Red.
But what is Asha trying to do….!!!

Apart from the time spent idling n the water – Ankur was ever the Instructional Designer as he deftly guided Asha and Rashmi through the nuance of swimming in 6ft of water. He did try to teach Ranit too – but not quite as effectively!!!

Getting in was easy – getting out was tough. The only motivator here was the Pizza Lunch (at 5 in the evening) that we’d promised ourselves at Pizza Hut. It was a special treat for four in addition to the pasta that Ankur consumed
The hair clip in Ankurs hair was quite the revelation of the day – especially since they aren’t quite that long!!!
Ranit thought this was the promo for the next Bond flick…. I told him Pierce Brosnan has more hair!!!

This is obviously the one picture that we looked forward to. That’s (L-R) Ranit, Rashmi, Ankur, Asha and me.

Why do we have to go home???? Anyways - we have the next week to look forward to.