Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mountain Tales - Part 1

(Actually that's Day 1)
We spent this last Easter weekend at Mussoorie, a not so quiet lil hillstation in Northern India. This is 6000 ft in the mountains and - trust me - it's breathtaking!!

Getting started – Asha putting up her feet the weekend ahead.
Prachi being as accomodating as possible.
Yes – I had a fever in the morning
Now I’m on vacation… & that works like a tonic
Overloaded Narendra
Settling down – we refuse to work like this.
Even the PM can’t get them out of bed.
Uphill to Gun Hill
3 Musketeers & the photographer (of course you can’t see me)
An interesting pose...
But why are they off the road??
On the way up… Rashmi takes a breather!!
At the top...but not going over it - as yet!!!
I though Gunhill was uphill!!!
Nothing beats, being given directions in the RIGHT direction


Jo said...

Wow! An Easter weekend on the hills of Mussoorie.
Amazing place! :-)

Icarus said...

Thanks for small mercies Arjun!Your comments are not as bad as expected.

Gogs said...

Dude...a noticeable anomaly....where are your glasses ? Did you drop them looking down in the valley ??


Arjun said...

you know.. i remove them..reduces the glare in the pics