Monday, May 29, 2006

Friday madness - the last lot

Ok - these are some not so MAD pics....
Just the gangs of NIIT as they formed and freaked out!!

The Musoorie foursome are back...we get together after more than a month.

Asha at the forefront. Ably supported by Anku, Ila & Karan

A sample of the members from our NIIT Publishing Studio

Navin, Allen & me... last ones off the dance floor - or so we'd like you to believe

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Madness continues.. to the dance floor

This time the madness focusses on what we are the maddest at....

DANCING... i mean you have to shake it .... and shake it well to figure in this Hall of fame.....

Let's start with the Dude.... true mover'n'shaker..goes by the name of Navin

Hands of light for Anku & Divya.. the others keep movin' it

Now ... where have I seen you before??? Asha and Divya trying the one-liner!!!

We want you!! That's me in the middle with Shan & Girish.

Time for some spotlight - Divya& Ranit...

Sharan, Allen, Ila & Anku... awesome 4some

The party is on!!

The fun never stops... at least not until the booze is there!!

friday MADness - 1

Fridays are always supposed to be mad...
some more so than the others!!!

19th May was one such mad-hatter friday....we had a MAD bash at NIIT
that's short for Music Art & Dance

(L-R) Anku, Ila, Asha, Karan

(L-R) Allen, Asha, Vani, Meee & Atul - doing the scoring as one of the judges

The Sound of Music... and their voices...!!!!

Ranit starts the event on BREAKING NEWS... we actually broke it :-)
Rajiv, Manoj & Ranit.... stars they are!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Missing cellphone...

The time : 2345hrs
Day : Sunday
Planned activity : deep sleep - worrisome monday ahead.
Twist in tale : SMS arrives.

Sender : Arjun (that's me)
Recepients : Mallik, Jolein, Tina, Vandana, Deepika, Karan, Asha.

SMS Text
Hey Can u please, please, give me a missed call? Just one ring Pls. Actually i kept my mobile somewhere & searching for it......

1. Mallik said "This is a good one hw many called bk"
2. Tina called...
3. Deepika called.....
4. Vandana tried calling... Number was busy - cos I was explaining to deepika how my cellular phone misses me, starts crying & sending out Emergency messages. So vandana sent me an sms stating my phone was busy.
5. Jolein called, phone still busy- then smsed -Hey, how did u send me a msg if u've misplaced ur cell?
6. Asha is smart, she smsed - achcha.,ab cel mila kya?:-)
7. Karan is the smartest - he played safe and didn't reply.

Hence proved, men smarter.
Wot say ladies??

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Working Diner(S)

An interesting and fun-filled evening. This was something we really needed to break the monotony of life @ work
Gurtej wondering - What to do???

I know these pics are kinda dark... but that's all we could come up with at the last moment in the confines of the restaurant.