Sunday, May 14, 2006

Missing cellphone...

The time : 2345hrs
Day : Sunday
Planned activity : deep sleep - worrisome monday ahead.
Twist in tale : SMS arrives.

Sender : Arjun (that's me)
Recepients : Mallik, Jolein, Tina, Vandana, Deepika, Karan, Asha.

SMS Text
Hey Can u please, please, give me a missed call? Just one ring Pls. Actually i kept my mobile somewhere & searching for it......

1. Mallik said "This is a good one hw many called bk"
2. Tina called...
3. Deepika called.....
4. Vandana tried calling... Number was busy - cos I was explaining to deepika how my cellular phone misses me, starts crying & sending out Emergency messages. So vandana sent me an sms stating my phone was busy.
5. Jolein called, phone still busy- then smsed -Hey, how did u send me a msg if u've misplaced ur cell?
6. Asha is smart, she smsed - achcha.,ab cel mila kya?:-)
7. Karan is the smartest - he played safe and didn't reply.

Hence proved, men smarter.
Wot say ladies??


Intimate Thoughts said...

Ya need to leave some Credit to the "original Sender"


Jo said...

Oye! I messaged you and then I called :P
All the same, it was funny :))

Anonymous said...

U are such a bitch Arjun!!!!.....:-))..... Deepika!

Rohit said...

Men smarter? BTW, how many were "men" in the recepient's list?

Anonymous said...

hey, good one :)

i'm gonna try that on folks around me, will let u know what happens :D