Monday, May 22, 2006

friday MADness - 1

Fridays are always supposed to be mad...
some more so than the others!!!

19th May was one such mad-hatter friday....we had a MAD bash at NIIT
that's short for Music Art & Dance

(L-R) Anku, Ila, Asha, Karan

(L-R) Allen, Asha, Vani, Meee & Atul - doing the scoring as one of the judges

The Sound of Music... and their voices...!!!!

Ranit starts the event on BREAKING NEWS... we actually broke it :-)
Rajiv, Manoj & Ranit.... stars they are!!!


Shruti :) said...

You guys definitely deserved to be the one can beat u being...MAD!!!!!!!!!

mysticarni said...

rock the party rock the party!!! Yipee!