Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Bug Bash

The last party for this financial year....
.. and yep - a blast it was!!!

The early birds....after the worm(Vandana and Karan)

... "like i was saying!!"

receiving pearls of wisdom

Karan - " I need a drink"

Arjun - takes a fall - needs liquid refreshment

and the ICE PACK for the BUMP

.. and some more liquid!!! That feels better.

Talk to the HAND...oops -- leg!!
Shrutis FOOTwear on display

Arm Candy for Gaurav - Niharika & Tina

Don't shoot please - we're indians!!! Shamit & Surabhi

Interesting Discussions!

Our Man - ALLEN!!!

Abhay - Finally made it from NOIDA

The lady with the BOWL!!

My wisdom tooth is coming.... Vandana, Rashim & Vivek!

A Final GOOD-morning!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Holi

(L-R) Karan, Shamit, Gaurav & me
(L-R)Vaishali, Piyal, Niharika and Tina

Gaurav exhibiting tendencies. The after effects of watching Broke back mountain.

Crashed out - Niharika

The party is rockin!!!

Niharika and Gaurav. Shamit looks on!!

Shamit : today is my day !!!

The aftermath... wine drinkers all!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sunny weds Surabhi

7 years - the courtship period(give or take a few months).

Tina and I met them in december 05 and we've become good friends since.
We were not gonna miss their BIG day - 2nd March.

Sunny was playing cool cat - totally unfazed by the situation around him. Surabhi was looking great - and totally in her element as the bride.

We - the friends, were having a great time.

Here are some pics from their BIG day
the holy fire burns....
almost done now!!

posing with the bride... Standing(L-R) Shamit, Niharika, Gaurav, Tina and Me.