Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kolkata Chronicles - Day 2

19th October

We started the day a tad late. That's cos' yours truly was well and truly tired after Day 1. SO Mom and sups did the needful as I caught on to some well deserved beauty sleep.
The pretty woman all decked up!
So then we headed out to the BB Block pandal to offer pushpanjali. We were the last ones (11AM) and the crowds had already departed. So we got exclusive visitation rights and it was a one on one communion!

Then it was time to come and relax before heading out to do PANDAL VISITS and PICKLE TASTING
With Ma at Maddox Square!
It was a long'n'hectic day - ending up at Pallavi & Arjyos place....

With pallavi... this one will go on Page 3 in the Times of India!
We headed home after that.. picking up a bottle of wine on the way!!
It was our 6 month anniversary after all....
papa takes a glass of wine... from Sups!
Family of 4 finally finished a bottle of nice red wine!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kolkata Chronicles - Day 1

18th October

It wasn't easy getting to Kolkata. I didn't sleep all we wouldn't miss the flight!
We did reach the airport and made the flight - but it was a touch 'n' go affair!
A smooth flight later - we touched base at home in Kolkata at 0730 hrs!

Time for ma to do a lil welcome home puja for the kidz!

Spent the ifrst few hours recuperating - before we decided to do some pandal visits.
The rain gods decided otherwise.. and sent us a started pouring cats'n'dogs!
We got home and it was time for Sups to help Ma with the Puja preparation!
The panditji arrives and starts strutting his stuff!!
The kidzzzz arrive - well, not all of them are kids!
it's not my fault!!! Kaki and Pishi - having a few words!!
cosyying up!!
Family power snack in progress
This was followed up by a visit to CITY CENTRE - the neighborhood mall and then some pandal hopping!!
Point of note - there were hhour long queues to enter the hogwarts wife walks right in.. as if she owns the place.... and nobody stops us!!
We just followed in the wake!! That was fun!

I got to eat candy floss after ages - i still love it - though it is difficult to clean the lil - lil bits that tend to stick to my developing beard!
The Hogwarts Pandal was nice.. from the outside - quite garish from the inside!!

The kids finally got home by nine.. and it was time for everyone to leave....since most distances in Kolkata are measured in hours... at least at Puja time!!
So we all gang up near papa for one last pic....!!
Then it was time for my prawn dinner...... and no - I was not in the sharing mood.... i'd been looking forward to it since July ....and it wsa worth the wait.. one recipe that I definitely have to master!!

No pics here... cos' i was too busy eating!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bye Bye Avi!!

the last mile!!
snakes in the monkeys shadow......
ayyyy ganpatttt - chal darooo la!
smilin pretty!!
So Avi (the bald fella) is off to Scotland to do his MBA.......
thought we'd celebrate and wish him bon voyage!! our regular adda!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bantu weds Sumi - Part 2

With dad! I'm holding on for dear life... to my mundu.... hoping it stays on and doesn't do a Janet jackson on me!
The wedding luncheon!
Family of 4 - after the lunch
NDA coursemates gather together!
With Sumis friends from Delhi.
(L-R) Trina,Sid,Sups,Bantu,Sumi,Arjun,Varun & Sanjana

Bantu weds Sumi

I really couldn't think up anything more apt as a title for this post.
After all - it is about their wedding and the fun we had there.

The setting was enormous - with a stage, flowers, lighting - basically the WORKS!!
It was as traditional as Kerala weddings come...

Wishing them a life filled with happiness and success in the years ahead

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kochi Nites

We reached Kochi & the party started!
There's not been a dull moment, excepting the hour long drive. That too, was full of the scenic beaty that abounds here.
The lunch was fantastic - no pics though - cos we were busy catching up.
Then we went shopping for my traditional clothes and SUpriyas shoes!
Get together at Bantus(aka Lalith)place - a nite before the wedding!
Rocking Couple!!
The evergreen couple - Mom & Dad
Pretty ladies - Sanjana, Rosemary aunty and Sups

Friday, August 31, 2007

off to Kochi

Well it was all kind of sudden. We'd been hoping we could make it for Bantus wedding. Somehiw the pieces weren't fitting in and so we were consigned to a weekend in delhi.

One phone call changed everything... Dad requested.... Supriyas boss were booked... And here we are... In a boeing 737-800 on the tarmac at Bangalore waiting for passengers to fill up.

The gentry travelling from del to bangalore was very very different from the gang boarding it now. Phew!!!

More later...

The Kuruvila family!! We're staying with the for the duration!
Interestingly - Sanjana and I are from the same batch from Symbiosis - SCMHRD & SIIB respectively... we have common friends but we never knew each other then!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reviewing the Fleet

This one's from way back in Feb 2000!!
Vishal and me got to attend the international fleet review on board CGS Sangram.
CGS - Coast Guard Ship!!
Dats me - with my Dad's ship in the background - the No.42 is CGS Samar. Those were some of the best days - when it felt like you could do anything you wanted and practically get away with it.
Alas - things are a lil different now!
But I never stop trying!

In fact I cut out my face from one of the pics above and put in on my orkut profile.
I got a couple of calls indicating that someone had taken over my profile.... i love my friends who did that...they really really care for me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Sups

It's her 1st birdddayyyy!!
So we cut a cake.....
Then we give her a gift!!
And some confetti to spice things up!
Yeahhhh rrrright!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Bachelor Party

I had always wanted a bachelor party to celebrate my sending off party
from bachelorhood. The visions for this party had varied from scantily
clad members of the opposite gender taking care of me, to me – taking
care of them.

This was something else however. I'd kind of resigned myself to not
having this party when we left the Premises of the engagement
ceremony. It was past Eleven PM in the city of Kolkata – we had
absolutely close to NO clue of where the party scene was.
Then a surprise phone call from Diya – my sister's friend put us on
the right track. The group of 5 landed up at SHEESHA at a lil past
midnight! The group comprised Vishal, Asha, Gautam, Tina and yours

We started off with a couple of rounds of Tequila shots. The ladies were feeling a lil apprehensive since they were dressed in Salwaar
–Kameez as compared to the other ladies there. We got the hookah on
the table and started puffing away. The music was good – but I missed
Supriya. I knew there was just this last space of 24 hours betwixt us.
Yet – it felt like a complete lifetime.

The four of them headed to the dance floor as Roy Oribsons signature
number was played. Me – I just hung around on the couch. A few minutes
later – I was being pulled on to the dance floor and pushed into a
group of 4 – FOUR GIRLS!!

They had drinks in their hand, a cigarette in a couple. Apparently Tina and Vishal had told them of my impending marital knot tying
session – so they'd decided to be Nice to me!!
I was like – WOW! But then something at the back of my mind & the
bottom of my heart kicked in. I exchanged pleasantries with them, a
lil small talk and headed back to my seat. Jeez – this was the new me.
I never thought I'd have walked off from an invitation like the one!

My friends and sister were flabbergasted at first – but then I guess,
they understood! It way a great party – we even had a round of drinks
with the young ladies.

All in all a masti time. Wish you all were

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Game On

So I got myself an XBOX 360!!
Yep it's quite the show stealer at a GUY only get together.
We celebrated HOLI nite - with an action packed Football competition.. this lasted till the morning of the next day

Then of course - we slept out the Sunday!

That's Avinash and Koustav at each others throats

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conferential Pics

Welcoming the dealers!!
Sudhir readies the LUCKY DRAW - wonder whom the gods are shining on tonight?
Raju - managing the gifts & awards
That's me with my uncle - the MD
Bhai gives a wide smile - things must be on track
The Big Ticket winners ... on the eve of the oscar awards.. they didn't have much to say though - except where's the booze??
Time to party!!!