Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Bachelor Party

I had always wanted a bachelor party to celebrate my sending off party
from bachelorhood. The visions for this party had varied from scantily
clad members of the opposite gender taking care of me, to me – taking
care of them.

This was something else however. I'd kind of resigned myself to not
having this party when we left the Premises of the engagement
ceremony. It was past Eleven PM in the city of Kolkata – we had
absolutely close to NO clue of where the party scene was.
Then a surprise phone call from Diya – my sister's friend put us on
the right track. The group of 5 landed up at SHEESHA at a lil past
midnight! The group comprised Vishal, Asha, Gautam, Tina and yours

We started off with a couple of rounds of Tequila shots. The ladies were feeling a lil apprehensive since they were dressed in Salwaar
–Kameez as compared to the other ladies there. We got the hookah on
the table and started puffing away. The music was good – but I missed
Supriya. I knew there was just this last space of 24 hours betwixt us.
Yet – it felt like a complete lifetime.

The four of them headed to the dance floor as Roy Oribsons signature
number was played. Me – I just hung around on the couch. A few minutes
later – I was being pulled on to the dance floor and pushed into a
group of 4 – FOUR GIRLS!!

They had drinks in their hand, a cigarette in a couple. Apparently Tina and Vishal had told them of my impending marital knot tying
session – so they'd decided to be Nice to me!!
I was like – WOW! But then something at the back of my mind & the
bottom of my heart kicked in. I exchanged pleasantries with them, a
lil small talk and headed back to my seat. Jeez – this was the new me.
I never thought I'd have walked off from an invitation like the one!

My friends and sister were flabbergasted at first – but then I guess,
they understood! It way a great party – we even had a round of drinks
with the young ladies.

All in all a masti time. Wish you all were

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