Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reviewing the Fleet

This one's from way back in Feb 2000!!
Vishal and me got to attend the international fleet review on board CGS Sangram.
CGS - Coast Guard Ship!!
Dats me - with my Dad's ship in the background - the No.42 is CGS Samar. Those were some of the best days - when it felt like you could do anything you wanted and practically get away with it.
Alas - things are a lil different now!
But I never stop trying!

In fact I cut out my face from one of the pics above and put in on my orkut profile.
I got a couple of calls indicating that someone had taken over my profile.... i love my friends who did that...they really really care for me.


Anonymous said...

jijzzzzzzzzzzzzz u look gr88888..."those were the best dayz of ur life i ges"".bt nvrmind.....urr such a gud person at hrt....nd nw u look "greatest""!!!!!!u ROCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Aditya said...

dude.. u sure had fun man.

now i really have to post something to my blog. have got irresponsibly careless in this regard.

Sups said...

u got my comment aleardy whn i saw this fotu at home

whirlwind said...

johnnie speaks the truth - you look extremely feminine with hair :P

you look clean (er...manly) now

Clouds said...

Jiju..like I keep telling you - Hair or no hair..you are the world's most handsome jiju!

* winks *