Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Holi

(L-R) Karan, Shamit, Gaurav & me
(L-R)Vaishali, Piyal, Niharika and Tina

Gaurav exhibiting tendencies. The after effects of watching Broke back mountain.

Crashed out - Niharika

The party is rockin!!!

Niharika and Gaurav. Shamit looks on!!

Shamit : today is my day !!!

The aftermath... wine drinkers all!!


Jo said...

What fun! :)
Good snaps...write more...

Jo said...

What fun :)
Good snaps...but plz write something request :)

Anonymous said...

As always Arjun, you have outdone yourself. Great Pics of all of us. Also, great comments below each pic. Especially like the one about Shamit...
From Gaurav