Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mountain Tales - The final chapter

The final sitting… the only pic of all of us together
(L-R) Avantika, Rashmi, Prachi, Asha, Arjun & Narendra
The Fun Train.. Never stops anywhere!!!
Amazing toffees & chocolates from Elloras, in Dehradun
Sahasradhara, 15kms from Dehradun.
A mighty confluence, leading to a single river.
A birds’ eye view.
We really like it in here.
Come join us!!!
The road less traveled.
Clementown – the MOMO destination in Dehradun
Apparently it’s one buck per momo. We really didn’t have the time to verify this one.
OK - that's it no more pics....Give it to me now.......the camera !!!!

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Jo said...

Gorgeous place!! :D