Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mountain Tales Part 2

A warm saturday dawns...
Lazy eyes open up and - well - do I have to move out of bed???

At least these three are fresh'n'raring to go......
Ahaa – someone likes flowers – wait till the bees get a hint of this!!!
The apple orchards of Dhanaulti – 25kms from Mussoorie
The Triad rulzzzz!!!
Busy bee..droning away on the phone.. in touch with nature...
Awesome 4some..swingin away!!!
Kempty Falls….15kms from Mussoorie
The water temperature leaves you numb. I thought I was goin into shock.
Time to dry out – we’re still shivering!!!

Dinner time is here – nocturnal awakening!!!
Actually time to sleep... that's when we had the Halloween nite party!!!

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