Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Party

This party was overdue. It's been in the offing for a while now.
It wasn't easy getting everyone there - but 28th Januray seemed a good day to put on the party cap.

The Venue : My place

The Time : 8PM to 4:42AM

Tina & Surabhi - chilling out as Surabhi plays around with the Ipod.

(L-R) Renu, Parul, Allen, Sunny & Surabhi

Deep Discussions - Dad & Gautam / Vishal & Karan
Chetan, Gunjan & Tina - 3's company
Mom - giving company to Renu & Parul
SIze does matter!!!
Giving Gyaan - sharing & caring!!
Gautam & Me.
Let's dance to the FINGER
Yes - Men can dance!!!
Tina can dance too...


Anonymous said...

WTF-why all the parties only when Talwar is around? I was there for a week and no big bashes?!


Arjun said...

I wuz gettin the house setup for the party then.... kinda like getting the infrastructure in place for the event!!

Gautam just happened to be in town when I did the scheduling....

Mallik said...

booze, buzz and belligerence

Jo said...

Hey, nice effects...alternating black and white photos with colored ones :)

mallik said...

Its okay dude, put things behind and post new stuff. How long will you clung onto this old stuff...