Wednesday, February 15, 2006

O Calcutta!!

Sultry weather , seductive women, meeting old friends. Even attending a marriage .Makings of an interesting weekend.

First things first - the flight - Air deccan. They don't call themselves low cost carriers for nothing. A 15 minute line to enter the airport - only for air deccan passengers. Then chaos at the check-in counter. Finally - the flight got delayed - and they didn't announce till the scheduled time of departure had come & gone. Their planes are good - pity- that's all there is to it. The air hostesses were plainly not recruited for their communication skills. Even the simple announcements were highly cryptic.... so I slept.

Reached the wedding venue JIT (Just in time) to see the formalities through to completion. John was already there - standing at the gate. We had a great time at the wedding and I ate my fill of FISH.. and tried unsuccessfully to catch the eye of the women there. Ironically, the appealing women had a red streak in their head - symbolizing their marital status - BOOKINGS CLOSED
Here are some pics from our nocturnal trip to "Someplace Else" at the Park Hotel. Parikrama playing and we got a good education in Hard rock.
There's always something special about a Live performance. We were there till late past midnight - making the most of our Stag Status.
I had an early morning return flight - whic necessitated my arrival at the airport by 10AM. Realization dawned as the flight departed at 1PM. I hate air deccan!!! They're CHEAP in the literal sense of the word.


mallik said...

Irony, you did not have any thing else, but to write cheaply about Air Deccan.

Arjun said...

they left an indelible mark on my psyche

ass2006 said...

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mysticarni said...

wow! I am soooo happy for Mohua! God bless!