Monday, January 16, 2006

A Family Wedding

Weekend Action for the 14th & 15th Jan'06

This time around - it's a family wedding. The most eligible young lady in the family ties the knot. My cousin Pooja wed Gaurav.

It was a simple yet - extremely sophisticated affair, which was quite well arranged - considering the fact that the entire family is resident abroad - in the Carribbean - to be precise.

So here we go....

The Lucky twosome!!

Tina engaging in some rituals with the bride.. she was tying those lil things on her hand. I really can't remember what we call'em

Mom-Dad-Tina on the way to the wedding!!

All Smiles - (L-R) Anila Bua (my dad's sis), Jatin bhai, Shivy bhabhi & Me

Anila bua, Aanchal & Nitin bhai

The Family Mahajan
(L-R) Tina, Anila Bua, Shivy, Grandma,Mom, Grandpa, Dad & Lalit fufaji.
Jatin bhai & me are missing from this snap


Jo said...

Tina's a spitting image of ur mum.

Very nice pics :)
Reminds me of my cousin's wedding...

Arjun said...

I'm glad you like the pics.

Family weddings are always great fun!!!