Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss my sis!!

I miss my sister.... Tina!!
I wish she were here to tie me my rakhi...!!
Why does she have to be in LA???

Tina wasn't here so my buaji tied me my rakhis.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lots of Bald men, two meetings, a temple and the rain!

Arjun stood bald headed at the airport. He felt right at home. His uniqueness was no longer there. There were bald heads all around. Here, it was a mark of belonging. The sign of those whose wishes had been granted and they had sacrificed the foliage that abounds up north!

They reached the hotel and the meetings started. The same monotonous nature where he searches for something or someone to distinguish one event from another. The meeting panders on with the same slides being run year on year The message being communicated has not altered for the last 2 years that he’s been around. MORE SALES!!
Now he’s bored

The second meeting on the second day ushers in a ray of hope as one manager singles him out and then the duel begins! A restraining hand calms him when he begins to rise. Dang - this was just getting to be fun.

The party continues till the wee hours. He is the last one out. As always.

Dreaming happily he is playing golf when a wakeup shakeup is given. It’s time o visit the lord. Lord Balaji awaits and Arjun and co., well they have VVIP passes! The drive up the hill past the gun-toting checkpoints culminated at an empty road where all electronic accessories and footwear was abandoned. It was half past 4 and normal humanity slept.
His first pilgrimage and it went off rather smoothly. The mind was blank when he came to the abode of the lord. People made wishes, asked for something or the other. He just bowed down, said thanks for the times that had gone and continued walking.

He returned to the hotel and hit the sack. The flight back was uneventful - the girl across the aisle paid no attention to the bald man. She preferred to sleep. He continues typing looking out of the window. It’s time for some rain...I wish I could open the window....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lil Arjun rocks!!

Rocking with his grandma
He likes his money....
Arjun & supriya cuddle up!!
Arjun & Arjun...... ok so he has more hair than me!
With his Mom and Grand-daddy
Arjun and Abhishek! (mom is also there)
Amrita and the milk bottle!
Arjun and dad!!

The family video!!