Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NEWS for the DAY - 19th Oct '05
  1. Watched 2 more friends land new jobs - what am I doing????
  2. Spilt Juice on Gayatris table - ate sandwiches with her.
  3. Poked loads of fun at Vrindas idea of "fun"- some people are tooo old to have fun these days
  4. Worked on the Kickoff preparations for a new project on the 20thOctober.
  5. Watched Raghav shift into the lucky chair - by my side - it's been the passport to a new job for all those who've sat there
  6. Went in for a counselling session with our Training Manager - still wondering if I paid attention to what was said or who said it.
  7. Got a hold of John Wesleys new email ID. He seems to be settling down at WIPRO
  8. I still have to reply to Malliks SMS - he is in a high pressure situation at Nipuna

Almost became a great day.