Friday, October 20, 2006

A tryst with the DON

Yep - I saw it...
First day - second show!!!

This is one stylish film. It's well made - kept the storyline intact - except for a few cosmetic changes - and done fultoo justice!!
The songs are the same and apart from the post-millenium techno feel - they're more or less intact. I do like the older versions of the songs though.

What really takes you by surprise -the whole look and feel. With films like this , Bollywood is definitely coming of age as the technical gap between east & west declines.

Shahrukh excels in the role of DON, while Boman is his usual great self. That guy can fit into so many roles that it ain't funny. The l;adies are there - Kareena in her brief role, is mesmerizing. Priyaka does her bit & Isha is only good for saying "Yes Darling". Arjun Rampal tries to put in the energy that he has - but it doesn't do wonders - so methinks it's going someplace else!!!

No story quips from me - go see it for yourself!!

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