Monday, November 20, 2006

Family Luncheon

Well - to be honest - I was a lil tense when I got in.... but then - as we started to converse... the walls came down. We ended spending more time than we'd anticipated.
All in all a great time.....!!!
Popping the bubbly... and it did come off with a pop
With Mausa, Mausi and Arpita didi
The youngsters!!
Mausi is a great chef... I ate and I ate... till I could eat no more!!
Didi and me.....


Anonymous said...

Can I say 'I told you soooooo!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Can I say "Maine kaha tha naaaaa!!!!"

Abhilash said...

Congratulations !
You are slowly moving into the BiiiiiiiiG League.

Intimate Thoughts said...

Happy for you dude

Shamit Kalra said...

hey dude nice pics...seems like u had a good time. godluck!

Anonymous said...

wat biiiig league?

Jo said...

Wow! Good good!
So far, these are one of the best pics I've found on your blog.
I like your Arpita didi. She looks very friendly and lovable :)
And Supriya and you look really good together. Picture perfect :-)

Kushali said...

Hey Arjun,
Congratulations !

U look great dude.... as usual ;) but not that good the way you looked in GOA...LOL......
Have chill
bye bye