Monday, November 20, 2006

Old times - renewed!!

19th Nov'06 - Barbeque Nation,Bandra...
The first college function/ get together I attended after passing out from Symbi in '03.
Just been so caught up in my own world that i just missed out on some great times.

(L-R) Sonit, Neha, Ranjini, Hemendra, Nitin, Arjun, Atul, Harsh, Jayant, Parth, Prateem and Prateek.
A nice dinner and drinks' session
The 11 who came... Posted by Picasa


Tarangini said...

Can't believe I missed it! Looks like FUNNNN.

Aditya said...

well, daym.....

being ur jr n future bro....


missd it.

btw, my blog came 2nd in that contest... i beat the editor of jam mag to 3rd place!