Tuesday, November 08, 2005

8th November

  • Reshmas last day today. She's off on one long sabbatical after this. This one hurts - she was one of the very few genuine people one will meet in the path of life. She told me to be good and do well.
  • The famous incident of the mistaken "girl whom arjun is marrying" also occurred on the 8th. Actually it occurred on the 7th - but was reported in the local grapevine on the 8th morning. It was a 'not so simple' case of mistaken identity. There is a picture on my desk - carrying in it the pictorial representations of 4 males & 1 female of our testing team. I am one of the 4 males depicted therein. A local warm body viewed the picture and commented that this was the young lady i was to marry. The news got interesting because that individual had not seen my lady and sat 3.5 metres from the depicted girl in the office. The poor lady was embarassed beyond doubt till the evening as people went and kept congratulating her. The individual who'd CREATED THE STIR, remained unmoved.