Friday, November 25, 2005

Nov 25

I'm Home
I'm home again...

This time I should be around for awhile.

I'll be staying in a house close to home. In fact it's just around the corener.
So we had a purification session for the new dwelling as also to welcome me back.

That's my Bua (Dads sister)all set up for the Puja

My Bhabhi - watching over the Proceedings in the middle.

That's Dad and Mom sitting around the Holy Fire.

My job (apart from the photographs) was to sit, keep up with their chants as much as possible, and keep pouring in the oil(Ghee) everytime my aunt went ,"SWAHA".
We left after the prayes, the fire was allowed to burn out - and it took a close to 5 hrs to do so. That's something. Consequently, when I went home to check on things (at night), the house was all smoked up.
I wasn't expecting this kind of a welcome. SO it totally bowled me over. I ain't fakin' it when I say - WOW!!!

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