Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Diwali Dhamaaka (a.k.a. explosion)

• Tina (my sis) landed up late – so we got late getting to Boss’ home.

• Vikram & Monica have a nice place and the twosome are awesome. They exude warmth and happiness I sacrificed Bhabhis home made kachoris in favor of Vrindas Malayalam special lunch. It wasn't an easy decision - but one that I made with a very heavy heart. I'm sure I could have eaten the Kachoris and lunch - but Tina was showing me eyes....!!

That's the Lunch I'm writing about
• Vrinda is an excellent cook and a great host – she actually left her meal midway to make more rice for the hungry me!!!

• Tina and me did the Rangoli , the Diyas and the Puja after that – it was the way things were supposed to be done.

• Crackers, drinks’n’dinner followed at Shiladityas place as we settled down for a late evening get together and made animated conversation.

This was one of the better Diwalis that I’ve celebrated. Was fortunate enough to be with people who care.
I do believe that the next one will be better!!!