Saturday, December 17, 2005

ELEVATE with DJ Sasha (17 Dec)

This was supposed to be a pretty happening event.
Saturday Nite - Cool place- hot music - even hotter women and the like.

It started off with a good dinner at the Kasbah in GK-1 where I got to meet the members of Tina's (my sis) gang. Very nice and friendly people - all of them!!!

The challenge started when we entered CLub Elevate. They'd hyped up this event of DJ SASHA playing at their club to such an extent that they proved right the old saying - EXPECTATIONS REDUCE JOY.

The music - totally club and trance is great for sometime, OK for a while and then it starts to jangle the nerves. Add to that the fact that you pay a 1500 entry charge - which is NOT a cover. The place is big but it was jam-packed and the floor was only for keeping your feet there - not for dancing. Again - since it was sponsored by SMIRNOFF - Vodka was the only liquid appetizer on offer.
Everybody was pushing everybody else around and picking up an argument wasn't all that tough. We also picked it up with 2 SURDS(the turbanned variety) - unluckily - calmer heads prevailed. At least that ways - we'd have gotten some action.... just kidding - they'd probably have beaten the crap out of us :-)
We dance a bit - till abuot 2AM and then headed home - totally out of synch.
The highlight of the evening/ night was the double scoop of Baskin Robbin chocolate ice cream that I picked up on the way out of the plaza.
Ahhh- to be able to sin !!!!

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