Saturday, December 31, 2005

The New Years Bash - 2005

There should have been a big bash - in the scenic locales of GOA.
Life - however takes its own set of turns and twists. So I ended up in Delhi!!

But it was fun.. :-) and I mean real fun.

As a prelude to the last nite - we went partying on the 30th as well. I played bare chested (lmost) and then laded up in bed all day on the 31st as the cold weather had hit me hard. I wasn't sure I was going anyplace tonite. Mom-dad got me thru the day and we ended up at Gaurav & Niharikas place to bid adieu to 2005.
This has been an eventful year - no doubt on that!!!
This was a small get together for the 6 of us and we made the most of it. I couldn;t get enough of the Biryani, booze & Butter chicken (not necessarily in that order)

That's Tina'n'me gettin ready to go...

Gaurav & Rika - the lovely couple who had us over for Dinner
Surabhi & Tina on the phone.

The real funny thing was that at midnight - everybody went for their phones and the dang network was jammed up as hell...
What is this world coming to?
Sunny was the only one who actually managed to get through on the clogged networks. The only hitch was that nobody was picking up the phone at the other end!!! LOL

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