Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Xmas

Yes - This Xmas might just be X-Rated!!!! (X here means FUN - not what you were thinkin )

We (Tina & me) spent it with friends - Niharika, Gaurav, Sunny Surabhi and Shamit.
It was a blast!! and I mean a real blast @ shamits place..

We were meeting Sunny , Surabhi and Shamit (3s') for the very forst time. At the end of it - it didn't feel that way. We got there at half past 10 and continued laughing our guts out till half past 3 in the morning. They actualy thought Tina and me were not Brother and sister - till we told'em and cleared the air.

This was way past the hour when the chimes struck in the clock tower at Bethlehem and heralded the beginning of a new era.

Gaurav & Niharika (GnR)- chillin!!

Sunny and Surabhi - sunny doing his thing!!

Shamit -Sunny - Gaurav. What a Trio!!!

Is that a Bottle in Sunnys hand down there or what!!!


Shamit said...

Hey Arjun. I am glad that you liked the party and it was great meeting both of you. It came to me as a huge shock when I found out that you both are not brother and sister. I thought you were dating Tina hahahaha... lol..

We should do this again sometime. Yes, guys thats a bottle sunny is holding hahahaha...

Laitas biatch!

mysticarni said...

Hey u people seem 2 hav had a real blast! Enjoyy d festive spirit!!

Jo said...

Looks like you began the new year with a blast :)
Continue in the same spirit and have fun all year through :)